Google Chrome’s New Feature is For People With A Million Tabs Open

Google Chrome Tabs

If you’re like me, you probably have 1,000 tabs open by the end of the day and honestly, that’s not even the problem. The problem is that sometimes I don’t even want to close them. Every single one of those 1,000 tabs is essential! I may have a problem. Thankfully, it seems like Google has a solution for minimalists and collectors alike. They are bringing a new way to organize your tabs to Chrome. It’s called ‘tab groups’.

Google Chrome Tab Groups

In a blog post, Google announced this new feature.

With a simple right-click, you can group your tabs together and label them with a custom name and colour. Once the tabs are grouped together, you can move and reorder them on the tab strip. Tab groups are customizable so you can decide how to use them.

Google state that through their research, they found that some people like to group their Chrome tabs by topic. For instance, imagine you’re working on several projects or looking through multiple shopping and review sites. It always helps to have multiple tabs open to compare and contrast all the information you have.

Google Chrome Tabs

Similarly, Google notes that the tab groups can “help keep track of your progress on certain tasks” e.g. “haven’t started,” “in progress,” “need to follow up” and “completed.”

You can even use an emoji as a group name such as ❤️ for inspiration or ? for articles to read. And just like regular tabs, your groups are saved when you close and reopen Chrome.

Where and When Can You Get This Feature?

Google says they’re releasing tab groups slowly in their upcoming version of Chrome, rolling out next week. Tab groups will be available for Chrome on desktop across Chrome OS, Windows, Mac and Linux.

However, if you can’t wait and this is your saving grace, it’s available in the latest version of Google Chrome Beta.

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