Telkom Kenya Users Will Now Pay More To Get 5GB Night Data Bundle

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You probably haven’t noticed this by now if you are a Telkom subscriber but there is the new data option when you go to buy your regular daily data bundles. Normally, KES 50 would get you 700MB worth of data and beside the offer sits the 700MB night data which can only be used from 12 midnight to 6 am.

Now, you will be surprised to find that the 700MB night data has been replaced by 60 minutes that can only be used for calls within the network i.e. Telkom-Telkom calls. The bundle luckily costs the same exact price as the 700MB night bundle that’s now gone. This could be a big disappointment for those who heavily relied on the night data but also a good thing for those that spend loads of time talking to friends or family. Besides, the 60 minutes of call time is not limited to just night time as you can use them all day.

And while the 700MB +700MB night data still exists, it will cost some extra coin. You will have to pay KES 60 instead of the initial KES 50. That, however, comes with a new 60 Telkom to Telkom call minutes bundled on top that will last for a whole 24 hours. There is also free WhatsApp alongside it all.

Meanwhile, the night owl 5GB data bundle has also been revised. This package that was one of the cheapest going for only KES 39 will now cost you KES 50. It is quite known that most of Telkom’s subscribers typically use the line as a secondary network. Most of them tend to prefer Telkom’s affordable data plans whether daily, weekly or monthly. So it is most likely that Telkom hasn’t updated its customers about these revisions. But lucky for you, now you know.

5GB Night Data (Midnight-6am)- KES 50

700MB daily + 700MB night data bundle + 60 minutes+ Free WhatsApp- KES 60

700MB daily + 60 minute + Free WhatsApp-KES 50

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