Messenger Rooms Security Features: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Messenger Room

There are a lot of things to look into when you think about Messenger Rooms. Being attached to Facebook doesn’t give it the best rap sheet and it’s relation to Zoom leads us to think about what security measures have been put in place.

Their report both vaguely states that they aim to both steer clear from your data but will still collect it. Weird. I know. Let’s look into it.

Messenger Rooms Security Features

The Good
  1. According to Facebook, there are a few ways you can protect yourself during a meeting.
    1. The ‘Group leader’ can lock a room and remove unwanted participants.
    2. A participant who is feeling unsafe can leave a room at any time.
    3. One can report another member.
    4. You can block a member and they will not be able to join yours. Subsequently, you will not be able to join theirs either.
  2. Facebook also says it won’t listen to your calls and videos.
The Not So Good

However, it notes that it does collect data from Rooms regardless of whether you joined through one of their apps or without logging into an account.

Across our services we work with outside vendors. They help us review and address issues reported by users. Therefore, we may share information with these partners. This includes like the name of the room, and who’s in it, in order to do this work.

Facebook Messenger Rooms does not currently utilize end-to-end encryption. That means that the information you send over it is not genuinely encrypted between the sender and the receiver.

Should You Use Rooms?

Facebook may think that Rooms is an alternative to Zoom, and to some extent, it is. But it’s not end-to-end encrypted and it’s not particularly private since it still collects data like other Facebook services. So we suggest that if you must use it, take into consideration all the precautionary measures put in place.

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