Huawei is Launching a “New” Flagship Phone With Google Services

Huawei P30 Pro. Image courtesy Xiaomist

If you can remember well, the P30 series launched early 2019 was the last bunch from Huawei right before the company was banned from doing business with Google. This, of course, was alongside other American companies but the focus seemed was obviously on that one scenario. A phone without Google services had been predicted to be the start of Huawei’s nightmare and deep down, it has not been that smooth for the Chinese tech giant.

More than a year later, Huawei has still been trying to get back to normal but with so much struggle. Well, it seems a new strategy is reportedly in place now. News coming from Huawei’s own German-language site, Huawei Central, imply that a “new” flagship phone will soon be launched packing Google apps.

This was spotted at the terms and conditions section for an impending list of P30 phones. Among them is one”P30 Pro NEW EDITION”, which as far as we are concerned, has never been unveiled. However, you should note that none of these claims has been confirmed by Huawei.

Earlier this year, the P30 Lite saw a ‘New Edition’ launched with more RAM and storage than the original. But what the company really wanted was to relive the past old days of having a new phone with Google services and remaking older devices seemed to be the only way. So, just maybe, Huawei will be doing the same with a high-end model that was considered to be one the most popular in 2019.

New flagship line-ups, the Mate 30 and P40 did launch without Google apps but wouldn’t really be classified as “successful” when it comes to sales. As much as one can still download apps through APKs, you miss out on a lot of benefits like timely updates. In fact, most of the Google apps you would actually need cannot even be installed in any way.

The main question would be what specifically would be upgraded with this P30 Pro “new edition” if it is actually in the works. Additionally, it is not clear how long this tactic of renewing older devices will really work for Huawei but for now, it seems the company is making the most of that loophole.

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