Huawei Confirms P40 Series, More Nova Phones Coming to Kenya

Image courtesy Huawei

Finally, the Chinese giant Huawei has finally decided to bring its latest flagship lineup in the Kenyan market. The P40 series that was launched globally on 26th March has been confirmed to hit shelves in the country.

Of course, this comes as a huge deal since the last flagship that was launched by the company in Kenya was the P30 series early last year. This was followed by an unfortunate snub of the Mate 30 series that was never officially announced to come into the market late last year.

But then again, the question does arise of how much it will appeal to Kenyan users since the phones come without Google services. Despite Google’s appeal to resume business with Huawei, the green light has never been given by the US government. This then meant that Huawei had to still go on with their own services.

However, the company had been hesitant to completely leave Google, proven by attempts of renewing its old devices that still had Google services installed. This was followed by the surprising launch of the Huawei Nova series which would have never happened before.

Luckily though, Huawei seems confident on trying out its latest smartphones including the Y7p device that does not have Google services as well. Reportedly, Huawei will also be bringing in more models from the Nova lineup. This will include the Nova 7i set to come in quite soon.

It will be interesting though, to see how much the market accept this new breed of smartphones from Huawei that shy away from the traditional Android ecosystem that we are all used to.

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