The iPhone 12 Might Be Squarer with a Smaller Notch According to These Reports

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Recent reports have now come out with fresh but surprising news about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12. Expected to drop later this year, the line-up that is said to consist of four models is reportedly going to get a redesign. From one of the many analysis reports, Apple is said to be doing a makeover on the iPhone 12 Pro chassis with flat edges. This is expected to be borrowing some pointers from the 2020 iPad Pro’s look.

When it comes to design, there are claims that the screen glass would be slightly curved. Others like Bloomberg beg to differ saying that the company will stick to the flat display.

There is still an emphasis on the latest reports about a LIDAR 3D scanner integrated into the rear camera module. What is not clear though, is whether the new lens will be replacing either of the three cameras or adding on to the setup.

It is also unclear whether the boxy redesign will be favouring all the four models or just the two high-end ones.

One of the most anticipated features, the notch, also continues to be the talk of the town. Masses expect this to be the year that Apple finally gets rid of it but maybe hopes shouldn’t be as high. According to Bloomberg, Apple might just result to reduce the size of the notch. Now, this is a totally different story from earlier rumours that have constantly claimed the iPhone 12 to be completely bezel-less.

This came alongside reports of how big the high-end iPhone 12 will be as it is expected to be slightly larger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s 6.5-inch dimension.

You should, however, note that none of these reports has been confirmed by the manufacturer and probably only a few could actually come to life. Sometimes, that could even mean none of the speculations coming to fruition.

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