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GIF Usage in March Shows How People’s Routines Have Changed

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In the midst of all this crisis, one thing that seems to be on a constant line is communication via digital means. Other than just increased traffic on video calling apps, general social media platforms are seeing the best days when it comes to the number of active users.

Even messaging apps are seeing the same trend with many of them linked to social networks in various ways. Well, one means of communication on these platforms seems to be getting some growing popularity as well.

You can clearly see that as people continue to talk and reply or comment to posts, there is less of texts and more of GIFs being used on a daily basis. This is even true according to GIF-generating site GIPHY that has had over 10 billion pieces of content shared every day globally. That is, to say the least, a lot.

Every GIF search is meant to represent a reaction to a post or a general emotion that one would rather not say through words. But we have all been using GIFs since the stone age period, so what has changed now for people to share so much?

Well, there has been a particular shift in the kind of short looping videos that people search for. This has mainly to daily routines day or even what kind of stuff they are watching every day.

People are Increasingly Turning to GIFs for Self-Expression

Since last month, GIPHY has seen a 33% increase in traffic on the site since last month. Of course, with the thought times when people are forced at home, moods change as millions are forced to go nowhere but stay at home all day. But even then, there has surprisingly been positivity and encourage meant to take flight on the site.

This is understandable as many would seek to spread love and light to anyone who doesn’t feel as bright in the morning or whatever time of the day.

Less Division between Morning vs. Evening

As more and more start taking their offices home, more work-from-home GIFs have been searched and shared of late. On GIPHY, that interest has actually grown 35x. But people’s daily routines also seem to have changed significantly now that every day is pretty much a loop.

Before all this, you would have found people searching for content that relates to the times. If it was late at night, they would be searching for sleep GIFs more. But since March, sleep searches seem to have dropped significantly both in the morning and evening. This could mostly be owed to the fact that people aren’t required to sleep on time now or wake up for early commutes.

Netflix searches have, however, seen an upward trend. a majority of these GIFs are usually derived from movie clips and you would understand why now. With most people stuck on their couches every day, of course, you would expect to see GIFs derived from the likes of Money Heist, Tiger King, Ozark plus more

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