Alarm Raised over Game Addiction Cases As People Stay Home

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If you’re stuck at home and balling, you’ve most likely thought of buying your self some new video games. Maybe you’ve even thought of getting yourself a new console. This could even be worse if you’re just staying at home without much to do. We can all agree that the boredom can get crazy at times and we all want something fun to do.

Well, occasional gamers are having the time of their lives trying to complete their favourite missions. Vidoe game has exploded around the globe and even in the country. But all this binge gaming comes with a dark side; internet and gaming addiction.

Like excessive gambling, playing video games has over the years proven to be as harmful as it is helpful. And even now when many remain out of school and work, there is even more reason for the disorder to be a concern. Gamers have been found to use excessive money for games and spending too much time that would rather be used doing something more important.

Activity on online sites like Steam has surged with over 24 million players logging in on a daily basis since March. Xbox has been seeing record numbers and you could only imagine the figures for Sony’s PlayStation.

In the US alone, the National Council of Problem Gaming has noticed the spike and already noticed the rise. Hotline calls to some of the council’s centres have increased. Psychiatrists have also seen a rush in video game-addicted patients and support groups are seeing members relapsing globally.

But even that concern is faced by a conundrum as recently, the WHO ran a campaign to encourage people to stay home and play video games. Ironically, it was the same institution that officially recognised gaming addiction as a mental disorder in 2019.

So, you do get to wonder where the authority stands in. Yes, staying home is a bid to stay lives which everyone should follow. But the real worry from mental health experts would be the effects once all this ends and we have to go back to our normal lives.

Will problem gamers have a hard time trying to adjust back? Will they even have normal lives and work to get back to? Either way, we have no choice but to stay at home.

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