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Social Media Platforms See a Spike in Usage, Except LinkedIn


As people are forced to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak, it doesn’t rocket science to figure that social media interests have been growing. Even on paper, the likes of Facebook and Twitter have had a spike in the number of daily active users.

This is, of course, owed hugely to the increased reliance on digital tools for daily communication with friends and family. This has even led to a growing interest in the usage of video conferencing app Zoom has been gaining popularity over the last two months.

As for the platforms we had already been using, it does not necessarily mean that they started gaining their user count. It’s mostly about the attention they began gaining as restrictions were being placed in different regions.

Tik Tok might very well be one of the happiest companies with a constant upward trajectory. Since late last year, the video-sharing app has grown by 47% and counting. Its rival, Snapchat is experiencing the second-highest growth at 18.5% to be precise. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram follow behind with 15% uptick in search interest as Pinterest gets only 5%.

But the black sheep seems to be LinkedIn that is not only the lowest but has also seen a drop, 23% to be precise. It is so obvious though to place the blame on the current situation. With many people being at home instead of working, you would not expect work-related conversations a lot at such a period.

Nevertheless, it is a bad sign for LinkedIn seeing that the outbreak is not likely to end anytime soon in most part of the world.

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