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With More People At Home, Here’s What Kenyans Were Searching For In March

Kenyans Searching March

In a report done by Google, there seem to be 1 very specific topics parading Google Trends in Kenya. Coronavirus. The subject has led Kenyans through a myriad of searches relating to the topic. Here’s what Kenyans were searching for in March.


Before the seriousness of the Coronavirus pandemic settling into the country, Football was still the most prevalent search. The topic always rises to the top. As long as there’s a match, there’s someone searching about it.

This time specifically, the Chelsea vs Liverpool and Manchester United vs Manchester City matches dominated search queries.



Soon after that, queries on the coronavirus pandemic started streaming in. Kenyans wanted to know more about the symptoms of this disease and if there is a vaccine available.

Effects Of Coronavirus Around The World

Kenyans also searched for information on the disease in Italy, one of the worst-hit nations in Europe. The fourth most searched query was Aurlus Mabele, a Congolese artist. He was popularly known as the “King of Soukous”. He passed away in Paris after contracting the coronavirus.

British actor Idris Elba was the eighth search query after he posted a video on social media announcing that he had contracted the virus.

Project Loon

Image Courtesy Google

This is the fifth most popular search. The Government of Kenya announced the approval of Loon’s partnership with Telkom Kenya to provide 4G internet access to remote areas in Kenya.


Taking the sixth position is hantavirus. This is a virus spread mainly by rodents and can cause varied disease syndromes in people. Searches for this virus came up after a man, who tested positive for the virus, died in Yunnan province in China.


Trending at ninth place is a building-sized asteroid that is approaching Earth in April. According to the data collected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the asteroid is big enough and is moving fast enough to cause a major impact event on the planet.

So far the experts are saying it will fly right past earth but with the way things are going, you never know what can happen.


Tenth in the search query list is sanitisers. Kenyans wanted information on making hand sanitizers. This is following a shortage of the product in shops and supermarkets and subsequent price increases.


With the reality of curfews and a potential lockdown settling in, Kenyans start thinking about how they will deal with their financial statuses. This is why Kenyans were searching on how to either file KRA returns or check CRB status.

However, in terms of app downloads, as you can see in the image above, loan apps are trending down the ladder. The likes of Zoom, Houseparty, Kubool and Zeraki Learning are topping the charts.

Here’s A List of The Top ‘How To’ Searches

  1. Prevent coronavirus
  2. File KRA returns
  3. Check CRB status
  4. Reduce tummy
  5. Boost immunity

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