DSTV and Showmax Streaming Quality Reduced Following Spike In Demand

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Across the globe, video streaming services have seen a notable increase in demand. MultiChoice said it therefore wants to reduce data traffic on its services. Their aim is to ease congestion on networks. According to MyBroadband, MultiChoice is limiting streaming on their two main services, DSTV and Showmax to just 576p, down from the standard 720p.

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DSTV and Showmax Follow YouTube’s Footsteps

Multichoice told MyBroadband it wanted to assist ISPs with managing higher bandwidth loads during the COVID-19 coronavirus lockdown period in South Africa.

The move follows that of other services around the world. For example, YouTube has seen its internet traffic surge to double that registered by Netflix.

YouTube took the extraordinary measure to limit all the content on its platform to standard definition by default this week. The effects are only prudent in India but should soon stretch out to the rest of the world.

While both Showmax and DStv Now are available all across Sub-Saharan Africa, the reduction in video quality is reported to have been affected in the South African market at the moment.
DStv Now and Showmax users will have to make do with the stepped down resolution as there is no option to set their own. This means that mobile Showmax and DStv Now users will only be able to watch at this 576p resolution as the maximum.

“No changes have been made to (the) browser, TV, or decoder-based streaming,” MyBroadband notes.

The same goes for YouTube as the changes do not affect their browser options. There is no word on the same happening elsewhere. However, it may be just a matter of time if it hasn’t happened already.


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