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The #dontrushchallenge Has Everyone Dressing Up For Internet Likes

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We are all at home and yes, social media has never been this crowded. But you can’t blame people as they honestly try to look for different ways to entertain themselves. So, as expected hashtags and challenges have been trending for the last couple of weeks like wildfire. We first had the #stayathomechallenge that had people kicking toilet paper. This had YouTubers, fans and footballers like Lionel Messi and Thierry Henry taking part.

Well, it seems like that period is over and a new challenge is creeping its way into the hearts and minds of men. Well, not all of them. You have probably already been binging on a whole lot of these clips. Started by ladies, all you have to do is have a blush brush, a camera and of course, a good before and after outfit. Oh, do not forget to have a friend who’s a good video editor. Or you could just make sure you’re good at editing.

The challenge comes in the midst of everyone being at home and just being in the natural states. So, yeah someone out there had to prove you internet trolls that one can also look good. Staring out from international influencers, you would obviously expect Kenyans ladies to have a try and so far it has seemed to work.

Where Are The men Though?

Well, this is hard to chew but so far we only ran into one video of men doing it. And yes, they definitely weren’t Kenyan. It could possibly be because Kenyan men are not what you would particularly describe as “dapper” or maybe they just don’t want to.

Either way, whoever is making these #dontrushchallenge clips has everyone on social media rattled up and dressing up when they’re supposed to be staying at home.

Oh, scratch that…

A couple of Kenyan men actually stepped up to the #dontrushchallenge. How good it is for you though is up for you to conclude.

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