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Snapchat Just Turned Stay At Home Into A Competition


Are you enjoying your ‘stay at home period’? Well, if not, check out these articles on staying social and entertaining yourself.  Go on read them, I’ll wait.

Thanks for coming back. Okay, so as you can see there’s quite a lot you can do. But, what if I told you you could turn your experience now into a game?

Kenyans seem to enjoy the app as Snapchat is ranked as the 5TH most used social media app in the country. Battling for space at the high table, the app has to give users a reason to want to use it and they are doing just that.

Snapchat Stay At Home Competition

A Snapchat-owned location-sharing app, Zenly, has created a way to gamify social distancing. It has a leaderboard comparing who among you and your friends spends the most time at home.

Snapchat Stay Home ChallengeUsers can see who’s social distancing the best and share stickers of the scoreboard and coronavirus prevention tips to Snapchat, Instagram and other apps.

The leaderboard ranks the five of your friends that are staying home the most. If you’re staying home as much or more than they are, you’ll be part of that top five.

To have a leaderboard show up, you’ll need to add at a least friend that has a “home” on Zenly. Having a “home” in the app may take a few days after you join and give access to your location. This is so the app can figure out your day-to-day patterns and where your home might be.

Zenly CEO Antoine Martin announced the feature, crediting a TechCrunch reporter for the idea to gamify home quarantine.

This approach by Zenly encourages users to keep using their app, something which might now be challenging for users of location-sharing apps like Facebook’s check-in function to do, as authorities are asking the public to stay home as much as possible.


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