PornHub Premium Goes Free As COVID-19 Bites Harder


With the stay home protocol initiated in Kenya, many people are looking for ways to pass time. PornHub has seen an increase in daily traffic by as much as 11% as more people in the world begin to self-quarantine. On top of that, they have started a ‘StayHomeHub’ campaign making premium content free for everyone. Their aim is that this will incentivize people to stay home and flatten the curve.

PornHub Statistics Go Through The Roof

Adult entertainment companies have found a way to spin the health crisis into yet another opportunity to make you watch more porn. According to data, the strategy is working. After offering free subscriptions in Italy, Spain, and France, the company said it’s extending the free Pornhub premium support. It unlocks select content to everyone across the world until at least April 23rd, 2020.


The upward trend in coronavirus porn searches isn’t unique to Pornhub. In the past 30 days alone, there was a total of 6,877,922 coronavirus searches on Pornhub. The hunt for COVID-19-themed porn peaked on March 5, with over 1.5 searches in a day. Viewers in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ireland, Malaysia, and Serbia seem to be particularly fascinated by viral porn.

Rival adult content platform xHamster saw a similar spike in COVID-19-related searches in the period around March 7, according to data shared with TNW. The company will not only benefit but also try to help fight the virus.

PornHub will also donate 50,000 surgical masks to NYC medics and first responders who will be at the frontlines of the Coronavirus fight. The company will also donate 85% of its video sales to performers who had to stop working.



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