Instagram Steals Yet Another Snapchat Feature: Disappearing Messages

Instagram Disappearing Posts
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I think Thanos is slowly taking over social media. After news that Twitter is testing disappearing posts, Instagram is also working on something similar.  Instagram is working on a feature where users can have disappearing posts.

Instagram Disappearing Posts and Messages

“IG is working on “a mode” where messages disappear. It seems to be in an early barebone version but I tried my best to demonstrate how it might work,”reverse engineering specialist, Jane Manchun Wong tweeted.

In a statement to CNET on Thursday, Instagram said that they are always exploring new features to improve your messaging experience. This feature is still in early development and not testing externally just yet.

How Would We Use This Feature?


Different versions of disappearing posts and messages are already available across all other major social networks including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

Think about it, how would you use this feature? There’s this trend, ‘felt cute, might delete.’ This trend suggests that sometimes you feel something you know you might not feel later on. This feature would save those that succumb to that poison.

Maybe you want to expose someone. A few months ago, YouTuber Edgar Obare broke the internet after exposing celebrities who were allegedly cheating on their partners. In the cheating allegations, the YouTuber put Terence Creative, Jalang’o and Jacky Matubia on the spot with some controversial claims.

However, after all the hullabaloo on social media, Obare has now deleted the posts on his youtube channel. In that instance, if he had this feature, the information would be out to the world and he wouldn’t as much drama.

As for chats, the possibilities are endless. Lemme just say, NO MORE RECEIPTS. Slide into that DM, no strings attached. Shoot that shot. If t doesn’t work out, there’s no proof. Do with this information as you so please.

The way you use it is up to you. If and when it comes, how would you use it?


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