Some Nokia Smartphone Users In Kenya Won’t Be Getting Android 10 Just Yet

Nokia 9 PureView

HMD Global has always fancied itself on the stock Android experience through the Android One program. If you probably own any recent Nokia phone, you have of course noticed that the UI is quite different and leaning a lot closer to Google Pixel’s software.

That has been a main cause for the timely software and security updates that the Nokia-branded phones have been receiving. With that, Nokia phone users were definitely up on the list for the Android 10 update that has been rolling out in different brands like Huawei.

Sadly though, the scheduled update might have to be held off for some time. Of course, these days it’s hard to blame anyone for delays, especially if they drop the dreaded “COVID-19” name to explain the situation.

Others may even point out that Android 10 was released months before the outbreak was even discovered. But then again, one can understand that updates don’t happen immediately and have to be done in phases.

So Nokia pushed out a new schedule that pushes out all remaining phones to the second quarter or even later. As of now, only Nokia 2.2 remains on the initial schedule to receive the update. All the rest will then have to wait until June at the latest.

However, knowing how the updates take time depending on the geographical situation, Kenyan Nokia phone users might have to wait a day or two later after the official rollout.

Nothing is clear yet as to why the update had to be pushed to later dates. But to be fair, HMD has a good track record on following up on its promises in time like they did with Android 9 before last year ended. Besides, phones like Nokia 9 Pureview, 8.1, 7.1, 7 Plus, 6.1 and 6.1 Plus are now all running Android 10, more or less.

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