Weekly Recap: “Share a Charger With An Android Phone? Eww” – Apple

eww gross

Apple Really Doesn’t Want The iPhone to Share Cables with Androids

If you thought the banter iPhone users have against Android phones is misplaced, think again. This seemingly unfounded despise for Android phone apparently stems from the maker of the world’s best-selling smartphone, Apple.

In a recent discovery, Apple is believed to be working on a completely portless iPhone. How portless will it be? Well, they won’t even include a charging port.

While this may sound innovative, I consider this a bad bad idea. Why on earth would you make a phone that you cannot charge and use at the same time? Or one that can only be charged if it is placed at a particular position.

Turns out it is easy to force your customers to unnecessary trouble if it means the most esteemed smartphones on this universe doesn’t get to share the same charging cable with 80% of all other phones in the world.

Yup, Apple’s quest to build a portless iPhone is driven by the FEAR of sharing a USB-C cable with an Android port!

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In case you missed it

Twitter Fleets – If you thought you’d had enough of “stories”, “status” or whatever the other social media platforms call them then we are about to deliver some really bad news. Twitter is believed to be working on a new feature that is basically Snapchat stories on the microblogging platform.

Why? Apparently, you people want to be able to say some things that you don’t want a record of to be kept somewhere in the world and what better way to do so than through a 24-hour self-destructing Snapchat stories knock-off feature?

To say the least, this is a terrible idea but Twitter seems to be hellbent of delivering the feature to its users, so prepare thee way…

Oh, yeah. They plan on calling this feature, FLEETS. What is that?


Kibandaski food on Glovo? – Uhm, popular delivery service Glovo recently introduced a new category to their food delivery service. Kibanda express. Essentially, this is food sourced from your local kibanda and delivered to you. Only difference? It’s terribly overpriced or maybe I am just not the TA for this.



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