PUBG Finally Gets Cross Party Play Capability For PS4 And Xbox One

PUBG cross party play PS4 and Xbox One

PUBG players were last year treated to the delight of general cross-play across PS4 and Xbox One. After months of requests, this finally meant that PS4 players could finally face off against their Xbox counterparts. Yes, it was a good addition but what they really wanted was to play with each other as well.

And now finally, the online battle royal multiplayer has introduced cross-party play capability. This gives players from both systems the option to team up and form a single party. Unluckily, this update has left PC players who have seemed to be excluded from a lot of things. So, as much as this is good do not expect your PC-using friends to be able to form a party with you.

As part of the new feature, the game has also added a new friends list tab marked PUBG that displays friends on different consoles. That way, players can search for users across platforms in one place:

PUBG cross party play

Image courtesy Engadget

The new feature is currently live on PUBG Public Test Server. This platform allows players who own the title test out upcoming updates and help developers find any bugs. PS4 players can find it in the “Purchased” section of their library. Xbox One users can then download it from the Microsoft Store or find it in the “My Games and Apps” menu.

Additionally, PUBG has also added the Team Deathmatch mode on the test server that had been there for mobile and PC players. Players are also getting some gameplay tweaks as well as changes to how grenades and Molotov cocktails work.

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