One App For All Things Microsoft: The ‘Office’ Has Been Redefined

Microsoft Office

If there’s one thing I hate, having too many apps on my phone. The problem is, I’m never too sure when I’m going to need any of these apps. For example, Microsoft Office apps. Honestly, I only use Microsoft Word. Excel and Powerpoint rarely come into play but my anxiety can’t let me delete them. What if I go into a meeting and need to quickly show off a presentation and my laptop died? What next gods of the Office. WHAT NEXT?

Well, now I don’t have to worry about that anymore. The new Office application allows you to browse your OneDrive files, and edit any Word, PowerPoint, or Excel documents without opening any separate tools. It also synchronizes with the Windows 10 notes application and includes a variation of the Office Lens scanner. Finally, there’s a QR code reader, in case you need one of those for whatever reason.

Features of The New Microsoft Office

The app does much more than let you read and edit documents from those three apps though. Some other features include:

  • Quickly jotting down notes (which can sync with the Windows 10 Sticky Notes app)
  • Scanning text from images, including spreadsheets
  • Reading and signing PDFs
  • Scanning images using your phone camera
  • Transferring files to your computer and nearby devices

You can download this app here and tell us if you think this makes things easier for you or you would rather keep the lone Microsoft word app. We have tested the app and it seems to work well so far. It is still a bit buggy but so far so good. We will update this article should anything significant happen with the app.

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