Here’s a List of Authorized Phone Service Centres In Nairobi

Authorized Service Centre

Your phone, your prized possession. Your go to! You should take care of it and when it takes a tumble, taking it to the best of the best is a must. Who is this you ask? No not Inspector Gadget, but your authorized service centres.

What Could Happen If You Don’t Go to an Authorized Centre?

They could take out the newer parts and put old ones: These kibandas and tiny phone shops could just as easily replace your new tech with old tech. You might take it in for a screen repair and end up having a new screen and an older battery. The authorized dealers would make sure you’ll get what is necessary and leave everything else intact.

Authorized Service Centres

If they are unauthorized or your device is out of warranty, they could simply take out a necessary part, tell you that the phone was destroyed and they couldn’t revive it. Though this is highly unlikely, it does sometimes happen. The problem is, you wouldn’t know what the problem is. They could just bring your phone and show you that it’s dead when in reality they have just tampered with some wiring to turn of your display.

Authorized centres will give you the right tech and make sure your phone is treated with the utmost care. You can trust them because they have experience dealing with your specific phone and they know the in’s and outs. Each phone company has a dedicated phone centre for their devices and here are a few of the authorized centres.

Authorized Service Centres:

  • Apple:
    • Bazaar Plaza Moi Avenue, Peponi Plaza Mwanzi Road, Rehema House.
  • BlackBerry
    • Luther Plaza, University Way.
  • Huawei
    • Jevaan Bharati, Harambee Avenue.
    • 1st Floor, Cambrian Building, Moi Avenue, Opposite MKU towers, Nairobi.
  • Infinix¬†
    • Caxton House, Kenyatta Avenue.
  • Nokia
    • Hilton Arcade, Mpaka House.
  • OPPO
    • OPPO, Koinange street.
  • Samsung
    • Hilton Arcade, Mpaka House.
    • Caxton House, Kenyatta Avenue.
    • Sarit Centre, Ground Floor, Next To Java.

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