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Affordable Ways To Make Your Laptop Stand Out


Laptops come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Making your dream laptop piece by piece can be expensive but here’s a few ways you can make your laptop look great and premium for less than you think.

Laptop Skins and Wraps

It’s like buying clothes for your laptop.

The custom skins and wraps give your device that extra pizzazz. Most wraps use highly durable material used on automobiles. They are made with a high-gloss, scratch-resistant vinyl sheet. They are specially made to accurately fit your laptop. Each graphic is laminated to ensure its durability and longevity. The wraps are backed with 3M backing that provides an aggressive adhesive to stay on the machine but can also be removed later if needed.

You can buy these wraps and apply them yourself, from retail stores in Kenya, Ali-express, Amazon or you can go online to local Instagram shops and have them made. They accept all designs and your device will look just how you imagine it to.


If you’re looking for a more minimalist look, then stickers are the way to go. They give that little difference to help your device stand out. You can easily replace them and lets you experience many likes all at once.

They cost around 30 Bob each so you can buy as many as you want!

Painting Your Laptop

If you’re feeling that Picasso, Da Vinci vibe then you should definitely consider having your laptop painted. For the ultimate flex and custom design, painting your laptop would be the way to go. It brings out that unique sense we may not necessarily see in laptops today.

So it all depends on what you’re looking for. If it’s a glossy look, a leather type design, a wood finish, all these designs are available to you. You can even get pictures of yourself printed on a skin and then all you have to do is apply it to your laptop.


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