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LinkedIn Suffers First Major Breakdown in 2020

Image Courtesy Coxblue

Professional social networking platform LinkedIn is down! The platform has been suffering consistent outage for the past few hours on January 14th 2020.

The outage is affecting a number of services on the website including sending and receiving messages, sharing and posting, MyNetwork tab and Connections, however, the Home tab seems to be working just fine.

LinkedIn Down

A screenshot of LinkedIn after it suffered an outage

Reports started streaming in at around 12:55 pm (EAT) but things quickly escalated at 2.55 pm (EAT). According to down detector, the partial outage affects a good number of regions including Europe, India, South America, South Africa, Middle East and Asia – Okay, it seems like it’s a world-wide outage.

LinkedIn has acknowledged the problem through their Twitter account, informing users that they are working on resolving the issue.

LinkedIn Down Memes

As usual, Twitter has not been quiet on the #LinkedInDown issue and the memes are already pouring in, here are some of the best that we’ve come across:

Actually funny ones:

The hardcore LinkedIners (or what do you call those people?)

Then there was this…


As of 5:15 pm (EAT), LinkedIn had resolved the issues reported above.

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  1. I’m experiencing this too. Dan Hinden CEO

  2. I’m the “hardcore LinkedIners”This is a great piece!!!

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