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It’s Not Your Internet, Instagram and Facebook Are Down

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Popular image-sharing platform, Instagram, is down after it was reported to have suffered an outage on the evening of November 28th, 2019 (EAT). The platform’s sister service, Facebook is also suffering a similar outage.

Reports started streaming in at around 18:41 (EAT), with complaints of users unable to login, post anything or even load their news feed on both Instagram and Facebook.

Initially, users experienced intermittent issues with Instagram, with only parts of the app failing to load but the problem persisted leading to the whole app being rendered unusable. Facebook and it’s Messenger service were also hit with an outage at around the same time.

Instagram has since taken it to Twitter to acknowledge the issue:

The outage seems to be affecting a good number of countries in different regions including Kenya, U.S., India and the U.K. Interestingly, WhatsApp seems to be working fine and unaffected by the outage, at least at the time of reporting.

The irony is that the outage is happening as the U.S. kicks off its Thanksgiving celebrations leading to jokes about people spending intimate time with their families as opposed to sharing photos online.

If you are an Instagram and/or Facebook user, have you experienced any issues so far?

This is a developing story and we shall update it with more information as it streams into our newsroom.

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