PlayStation Games That Defined The Last Decade


You may not have realised this yet but it is already ten years since 2010, so yeah, you are getting old. With the reflection of how fast time flies, gamers around the world have clearly had their fill of fun when it comes to top-tier AAA titles. And considering how much Sony’s PlayStation continues to dominate the world of gaming in terms of released titles and console sales, it would be justice enough to reflect on video games that defined the last ten years. Nevertheless, you should know that the choice of video games is very subjective depending on what you played.

God Of War

PlayStation God Of war

Image Courtesy Sony

We can all basically agree that we have spent enough (maybe too much) gameplay time with Kratos. But it is all thanks to the amazing franchise that Sony Santa Monica decided to come up with to reinvent the iconic character and reboot him for a modern age. The improved graphics and general gameplay mechanics that especially came with the PlayStation 4 mad the game an even more memorable and immersive open-world adventure.

Of course, we cannot forget the new challenge that he had to deal with to raise his son. This father-son story follows a weary warrior into an unfamiliar world drawn from Norse myth, bringing Kratos once again into conflict in a way we did not expect.

The Last Of Us


Image courtesy Naughty Dog

If there is a PlayStation exclusive game that has surely had gamers on a never-ending thrilling rollercoaster, it has to be Naughty Dog’s, The Last Of Us. Talk of an emotional, impactful and unforgettable adventure in a Post-apocalyptic setting that finally had meaningful action, unlike others. The franchise not only gave us an intimate narrative but also kept us on the edge of our seats with the tense enemy encounters at the appropriate time.

It was hard not to get invested in Joel and Ellie’s lives, and that we care so much for these characters speaks volumes to how well Naughty Dog wrote them. Let’s not even get to the gorgeous graphics, beautifully-crafted levels, meaningful combat that came packaged with the game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel's SpiderMan

Image courtesy Sony

Undoubtedly, we have had to wait a really long time to get a superhero game that’s close to as good as the movies. Well, thanks to Sony we could now play as Peter Parker in the streets of  New York and this time, it was really good. Commissioned as a PlayStation exclusive by the character’s owners, Sony, Spider-Man might just be one of the best superhero games we will have in a long time. The open-world is beautifully recreated populated by bad guys, landmarks and like everything in the genre, countless Easter eggs to jog up our minds once in a while.

Although released late in the decade, it is clear that the developers took their time to build almost perfect graphics, mechanics and not forget, an incredible storyline. Repeating it once on a while wouldn’t be boring when it comes to this game.



Image Courtesy EA Sports

Yes, I know this is not a PlayStation exclusive video game but considering the number of players that stand addicted to this game, it could very well be one. But seriously, we cannot talk gaming without talking about the football simulator that has taken us to the beautiful game in such an immersive and thrilling way. Sure, many to this day complain why EA Sports continue to have rights to all those teams when they are clearly not doing much with the game. But the fact that millions continue to go back to the game every year, tells you that it has had its impact across the globe even beyond this decade. We can only wait and see what surprises come up in the coming ten.


Horizon Zero Dawn


Image Courtesy Sony

While this open-world title from Guerrilla Games hooked us in with robot dinosaurs, it kept us playing thanks to a breath-taking, tragic, and ultimately hopeful story about the overuse of technology, corporatism, and climate change. The game’s lead, Aloy, exudes everything about the game’s themes. Her determination to rise above her station and do her part is drenched in optimism.

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