Tesla Cybertruck Is Already In GTA V And Anyone Can Get It

Image Courtesy Dexerto

Thousands of people who have already preordered the newly revealed Cybertruck from Tesla might have to wait for about another two years to at least get in it and probably take it for a spin. But GTA V players are lucky enough to have the new futuristic pickup truck at their exposal already.

Just for memory’s sake, the long-awaited Cybertruck was unveiled at the end of November sparking interest across the internet. This not only turned the public’s head but also the company’s competitors including Ford that has its own electric pickup truck in production.

Till now, many still express how they like the idea because of its uniqueness while others still express their disappointment. Either way, it is clear that a majority are growing to like it as Tesla already has over 300,000 pre-orders for the truck in the books.

While the truck still continues to be a meme everywhere, GTA V PC players have been quick enough to add the unique vehicle to their garages with the help of a few new mods. A number of gaming streamers are already showing off the car as they ride it across Los Santos including one GTA YouTuber, Fred Walkthrough.

Now, it’s not completely accurate – that’s pretty hard to do due to the unique nature of the vehicle – but it’s a pretty good starting point anyway. The YouTuber, who worked on adding the mod himself, noted that it’s a work in progress but did hand over a link to one eager player who wanted it anyway – so it’ll be a case of commenting and asking as of now.

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