How To Enable Data Manager On Your Airtel Line

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Browsing the internet (especially on Airtel without a data manager) only to find out that you’ve been using your airtime is one of the most painful experiences in the modern age.

While other telcos like Safaricom and Telkom have, for longer, had a way to shield their subscribers from this unnecessary pain, Airtel Kenya has finally joined the bandwagon.

The telco has introduced a data manager that will shield its subscribers from gobbling up their airtime once their data bundles are depleted.

Here’s how to enable it:

  • On your Airtel line, dial *544#
  • Select option 12 – Data Manager
  • Under the new menu, select Option 1 to enable the service

You will then receive a text message confirming that the data manager has been enabled.

If for any reason you want to disable the service, use the same steps but then select the option to disable.

The new data manager will give Airtel subscribers the peace of mind to enjoy their affordable data bundles without the worry that their airtime is in danger of being used up.

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  1. *option for next can’t respont to help find page 12 to activate my data manager artel line. Help me out.

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