Wearable Tech: Say Yes To The Future Of Technology

wearable tech
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It’s a new day, a different time and an evolving century. It’s 2019 and what a time it is to be alive. With the emergence of electric cars, smart homes and folding phones, life keeps getting simpler and more efficient. More so with the development of wearable technology.

Wearable tech is part of the “Internet of Things”(IoT), which basically means a system/interface of tech that communicates through the Internet. For example, connecting your smartphone to your smartwatch. Via Bluetooth and WiFi, we’re able to share features amongst devices like fitness regulators, reading emails and controlling music playback.

Types Of Wearable Technology


There have been a number of smartwatches that have stormed the market with state of the art tech and you can read more about them here. Smartwatches are changing and saving lives. The features help us organise and plan our lives.

wearable tech,

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Headphones And Earphones

The future of earphones and headphone is reaching its peak as it embraces wireless technology. Earbuds and Airpods are now such a common feature we are all waiting to see what’s next. Integrating touch features and noise cancellation helps in many ways to make our lives easier to live. In addition, the incorporation of Google Assistant and Siri help coordinate our lives keeping us up to date with the latest news and important stories.


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Smart Clothes

Clothes like the new “Interactive T-shirt” help us delve into a world of technology we didn’t think possible. The t-shirt, for example, helps us interact with ou bodies letting us learn and discover new and exciting things about our biology. The possibilities are endless and we can only develop further from such technology.


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VR Glasses

The world of Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the largest breakthroughs and collaborations to have existed between science and technology. Gaming, education and entertainment have all been advanced by the introduction of VR bringing us a step closer to the future we have all imagined.

The future is approaching fast and every day we get new and exciting things to be happy and fascinated about. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate what we have so far and another to come up with new and more exciting technology.


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