Is This App The Best Alternative to Nova Launcher?

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Nova launcher has a long list of die-hard fans, thanks to its highly customizable nature and an endless variety of features. Play Store now hosts a handful of launchers similar to the Google Pixel framework and Customized Pixel Launcher (CPL) is one of them. The CPL launcher aims to reimagine the Pixel design with a minimalist look and the right set of features.

Here Are Some Of The Differences And Similarities With The Two Launchers.


Home Screen and Dock

The home screen and docks of both launchers are similar to Nova only missing out on the ability to change font type. With CPL you can add a Google Search Bar that opens up endless possibilities to the launcher.

Both launchers can be adjusted up to 9 rows and columns.


App Drawer

Nova has three app drawer styles: Vertical, horizontal and list. The app drawer is fully customizable, ranging from changes from the background colour to the icon size.

CPL adds an extra feature to this mix; a Google Search Bar. You can find, hide and unhide apps right from there. Google Assistant is also enabled here.


Folders and Icons

Nova is very flexible with folder settings which include window modes. You can customize your folders background colour, transitions and icon settings.

CPL takes it a bit further by letting you customize the grid size inside the folder, including changing the size, font and colour.



Nova launcher offers a greater variety of gestures, like swiping, tapping, pinching and two-finger movements.

CPL supports gestures but not as many as Nova. For example, it does not support pinching gestures.



Nova and CPL launcher offers the option to choose between dots and counters to show notifications on app icons. On top of this nova offers customizable badges.


Night Mode

Both launchers have dark mode capabilities.



The CPL launcher is free, making it favourable over the paid ones. The unpaid version of the Nova is pretty limiting as compared to the CPL.


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