Apparently, Captain Marvel Exists In Marvel’s Avengers Game

Captain Marvel- Marvel's Avengers
Image: Captain Marvel film

Not much has been revealed well since the official announcement of Marvel’s upcoming video game, Marvel’s Avengers but we may well no have some of the most exciting bit. According to the game’s developer Crystal Dynamics who are working in partnership with Square Enix, we may just have one of the superheroes that hadn’t been mentioned from the beginning.

Speaking to a media company, Comic BookCrystal Dynamics’ head of the studio, Scott Amos, did confirm that Captain Marvel does indeed exist in the game’s universe. And while they wouldn’t officially say that she is in the game, the fact that they did mention her gives a well enough impression that players we’ll be seeing or hearing her mentioned at least.

Together with the game’s narrative designer, Hannah McLeod, the name specifically came up when they were talking about one of the game’s characters, Kamal Khan (Ms Marvel) who just so happens to have inherited the name from Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel).

“Well put it to you this way, Kamala can’t be a fan of someone who didn’t exist,” Amos said.

We may very well conclude that this was outted accidentally as Captain Marvel was never intended to be referred to but it happened.

Whether or not she’ll be a playable character is an entirely different discussion. We’re guessing no because if she were, we’re pretty confident Square Enix would have hyped that decision by now. It wouldn’t surprise us if we saw a mention or maybe a fly-by in the game, but since the main focus is on the main cast from the films, we’re guessing she won’t be in the picture much, if at all. Let’s wait though.

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