Here’s All The Leaked Fortnite v10.40 Skins, Pickaxes & Emotes

Image: Epic Games

If there is something that’s common with all Fortnite players, they love their character and weapon skins. They are so popular to a point it would be rude to play without one at least. For this reason, Epic Games has never shied off from bringing in as many new skins, emotes and weapons as often as possible. This runs from the constant updates and crossovers.

With the new anticipated v10.40 update, new cosmetics have already been leaked by data-miners as usual. But just before the update goes live, here’s a list of the expected Skins, Pickaxes Wraps and Emotes.

Fornite Leaked Skins Found In v10.40

Bash(Epic)-When good llamas go bad

 Leaked Skin – Bash

Leaked Skin – Bash

Brite Blaster (Rare) – Life’s a blast.

 v10.40 Leaked Skin – Brite Blaster

Leaked Skin – Brite Blaster

Fortnite Leaked Pickaxes For V10.40

Razor Smash (Epic) – After the rainbow’s end.

Fortnite v10.40 Leaked Pickaxe – Razor Smash

Fortnite v10.40 Leaked Pickaxe – Razor Smash

Brite Bashers (Rare) – Pummel them with positivity. 

Fortnite v10.40 Leaked Pickaxe – Brite Bashers

Fortnite v10.40 Leaked Pickaxe – Brite Bashers

Leaked Emotes/Dances Found In V10.40

Set_01_CA (DC) – Set_01_CB (The official name and description for this emote has not been released as yet, however, it is a DC emote).

 Leaked Emote – Set_01_CA

Leaked Emote – Set_01_CA


Fortnite Leaked Wraps In V10.40

Lotus Star (Epic)

Fortnite v10.40 Leaked Wrap – Lotus Star

Fortnite v10.40 Leaked Wrap – Lotus Star

Rainbow Riot (Uncommon)

Fortnite v10.40 Leaked Wrap – Rainbow Riot

V10.40 Leaked Wrap – Rainbow Riot

There have been some instances where Epic have added Skins to the files and they were leaked by data-miners but they were never released and were removed and replaced, like the Gemini Skin. It is unlikely that the Bash and Brite Basher Skins will be removed from the files as we did see them in the second Community Vote.

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