Here Are Some Really Impressive Gaming Setups – PS4 Edition

Gaming setups
Image: Mighty Gadget

Remember when I once compared gaming to driving? Yeah, I’m doing it again. The adrenaline rush that comes from playing games like FortniteĀ andĀ PUBG, be it on your PC or console is something that would be really comparable to being part in an extreme sport race.

And just as the drivers of say, Formula 1 or Formula E require a good environment, so does a gamer. The seats of a sports car are designed as they are for a reason. So why can’t a gamer also be in a good working environment or rather a playing environment?

However, just as sports cars aren’t cheap, having a room with the perfect gaming setups leaves you poorer. But dedicated players have nothing to lose and are willing to put everything on the line. But if you can’t, shake off the pressure an just enjoy these setups.

1. Darth Vader

gaming setup 1

Image: KD/Pinterest

You may be turned off the average monitor size that most if not all players never really want. But the minimal setup from the small speakers, slim keyboard, and the DualShock 4’s stand makes almost everything wrong go away. Also, the white mouse complemented by the wooden desk is just a dream.

2. The Screen Lover

gaming setup 2

Image: Joe Halim/ Pinterest

Now, we aren’t even going to get to the white drone on the couch or the giant PC in a glass compartment. But the number of screens this setup claim is just a wonder. The LED lighting could be a little too much for some but most of us could live with. However, the winner for this gets to be the giant white screen projecting the PS4’s display.

3. The Private Gamer

gaming setup 3

Image: Ciceu Lonut/ Pinterest

Green might not be your favourite colour but you’d definitely be up for those LED backlights. The monitor may seem too small for the ultimate gaming experience though, but the skinned DualShock 4 will probably help you focus a little more.

This is one definitely for someone who doesn’t like too much and just wants to privately enjoy their game. Looks affordable too.

4. The Collector

gaming setup 4

Image: Imgur

Now this one is definitely a collector of not just numerous video games but consoles as well. But before we get too carried away, the sound experience in such setup provided by the home theatre is definitely one to die for. The screen is one that every gamer prefers for their gaming setups but not everyone affords. The main theme for this is black which is a good thing, but I would love to see how it would look like at night. Either way, it’s awesome.

Oh, don’t focus on the names I gave for the gaming setups. I’m sure you won’t like them, so let’s move on.

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