PUBG Free Version Is Expanding From Mobile To PC

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The foundational PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds started off on PC and then gradually moved to players on console and mobile. But now it seems that PUBG Corp. is paying some more attention back to PC gamers.

The iOS and Android versions of PUBG have quite literally taken over the world in mobile gaming. And as much as we may argue it’s because of how readily available it is, the free part also counts. The app launched as a free-to-play title with in-app payment options and October’s PUBG Lite incarnation is set to do the same.

While the original PUBG version is known for how notoriously system-intensive it is, developers intend for the new edition to run on computers with lower specifications. This is with the goal of giving players much smoother gaming experience.

With PUBG Lite, lower-powered Windows computers up to five or six years old will be able to meet the game’s requirements- a 2.4GHz Core i3 CPU that has Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics.

Ironically though, the minimum requirements for the game are the same as those for the franchise’s great rival, Fortnite, which has been free from the beginning. Moreover, Fortnite brags of its prowess in cross-platform play between console, PC and mobile platforms.

By contrast, PUBG Lite comes as a totally independent adaptation to its predecessor. This should however not pose too much of a problem given the game’s global reach. In the spirit of aggressive marketing, PUBG Corp. has been encouraging early sign-ups with two in-game weapon skins for those that pre-register by Oct. 8th through This is alongside mystery in-game items offered should registrations surpass  50k, 150k and 300k milestones.

Debuting in January 2019, PUBG Lite started in Thailand and in the months since has expanded into South-East Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. It’s not certain when it’s set to expand to players globally, but we cannot wait.

Language support encompasses English, Turkish, Brazilian and European Portuguese, Latin American and European Spanish, Russian, German, French and Polish.

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