The Huawei Mate 30 is Launching With Or Without An Android Certification


Just the other day we received reports that the upcoming Huawei Mate 30 would not be running a certified version of Android thanks to the U.S. ban on the company.

As much as Google is the one who came out to say that the Mate 30 was not yet certified to run the more commonly used Android version that contains Google Play Services and other goodies such as Google Assistant, the company isn’t really to blame for this turnout.

Now, Huawei has come out to speak on the issues, all the while confirming the official date of when we should expect the new Mate 30. Initially, we had reports that the launch of the 2019 Mate series may be delayed outside of China, maybe to give the Chinese giant more time to get an Android certification but as it turns out, the phone is launching on September 19, with or without an Android certification.

While speaking to CNBC, a source within Huawei has revealed that the company is moving forward with the international launch of the Mate 30. As per the source, Huawei will use the open-source version of Android and bundle it with its own apps instead of Google Apps.

“For smartphone operating systems, the open Android operating system and the ecosystem around it are still our first choice. Please stay tuned for our new products,” said the Huawei spokesperson.

Those who were hoping that Huawei would instead opt for its own proprietary HarmonyOS will be disappointed to learn that the option is not even on the table. “We won’t launch the Harmony system into the smartphone in such a short time as it will damage the relationship and trust between Huawei and Google since we have been working with Google for many years,” the source told CNBC.

The Huawei Mate 30, which is expected to be powered by the upcoming Kirin 990, will definitely be a hard sell without the Google services. However, there’s the possibility that an Android license may be released before the launch.

Would you buy the Huawei Mate 30 if it wasn’t running Google Play Services?

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