Apex Legends Producer Goes Off On Players With Insults On Reddit Thread

Apex legends

Anyone who is or has once logged into the social media platform Reddit can very well agree that it is more like calling it a doppelganger to the wild Twitter world but for nerds. Maybe even a little wilder.

And if you think I am exaggerating well, a Reddit thread that was going on yesterday and still is, had players of the popular online survival game, Apex Legends, on a brutal brawl with the game’s developer Respawn on the issue of its microtransactions dubbed Iron Crown.

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The thread, which announced changes to the way players obtain Legendary Skins during the Iron Crown Collection Event, began going south after attracting comments from individual Respawn developers including executive producer, Drew McCoy. In the course of the conversation, McCoy went off on players calling them “ass hats” and “dicks” as well as complaining about the toxicity in the player community.

In one comment to a fan of the game, McCoy wrote, “I’ve been in the industry long enough to remember when players weren’t complete ass-hats to developers and it was pretty neat. I forged a bunch of long-lasting relationships from back then. Would be awesome to get back there, and not engaging with toxic people or asking ‘how high’ when a mob screams ‘jump’ is hopefully a start.”

In another obviously angry response to a user who called the developers “money grabbing fucks”, he wrote, “Hey everyone—found the dick I was talking about,” later saying, “I think technically I was calling gamers dicks? I dunno. I had a spicy lunch, feelin’ it.”

And if you thought that was enough, think again since McCoy never seemed to call it quits, joking that most players are “freeloaders” since “the amount of people who spend is crazy low…and a change in price doesn’t move the needle.”

This has then sparked debates all over the place with many questioning the relationship between the developers and the game’s players as after this it would be reasonable to describe it as heavily damaged.

With many users replying later in disbelief including popular gamers, McCoy was never left alone as Community manager  Jay Frechette ran to the producer’s defence pointing out that players had slung personal insults at the team.

But as much as the developer team may want to defend the producer’s sentiments, it is quite clear that the game through some of its execs has engraved a negative unforgettable reputation on its image with this coming out through many of the later comments.

“You committed the ultimate cardinal sin, you got personal. You, as a team of professionals trying to make money, got personal. You got personal and decided to insult your playbase, calling us ‘ass-hats’ and ‘freeloaders’. Not a wise move,” one comment read. “We won’t forget this. You’ve set a new tone for the kind of interaction we’ll be having with you. It’s a cold one.”

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