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HarmonyOS is Huawei’s Possible Android Replacement

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During its 2019 developer conference in China, Huawei has officially announced its own operating system, HarmonyOS which will also be known as HongmengOS in China.

In its announcement, Huawei says that HarmonyOS can be used across various devices, including smartphones to smart speakers, IoT devices and even sensors. “HarmonyOS was created with four major building blocks in mind, ensuring a new generation OS that is best suited for our digital world today,” read the company’s announcement on Twitter.

Huawei did not shy away from comparing their new Operating System with Android, citing that HarmonyOS offers a smoother user experience focused on speed and interactivity. The company also fronted the new OS’ security features.

From the company’s presentation, HarmonyOS can be used on smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs and cars. On top of this, the Operating System is Open Source, which means that other manufacturers and device makers are free to use the OS.

It’s been rumoured that Huawei has been working on its own OS for a while now and the speculations have been getting louder after Trump’s decision to put Huawei on the entity list. The listing prohibited American companies from trading with Huawei, which meant that the company did not have access to American software (Android and Windows) and component, something that threatened to paralyse its business.

Even as the future of Huawei and America remains uncertain, the company’s announcement of the in-house operating system indicates a push by the Chinese tech giant to be independent of American companies.

It’s still not clear whether HarmonyOS will truly replace Android in the company’s smartphone lineup or how exactly Huawei intends to make use of their new development but it’s still too early and things are bound to become clear pretty soon.

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