Fortnite Season X: Players Are Already Tired Of The Overpowered Mechs

Fortnite BRUTES

It’s been a few days into the new tenth season of the popular game, Fortnite, but as much as all the upgrades and new stuff are exciting the over 250 million online players across the globe, a problem has been brewing in the community and its name is BRUTES.

Anyone who has been immersed in the game’s Season X can already tell you of the BRUTES that are exciting to have in the game but not as pleasing to play against. These powerful robotic mech suits were one of the many additions brought by Epic Games but have already begun receiving negative feedback with the pro players like Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney already criticising the addition of them in the new v10.0 update.

wt lighthouse


Considering the new season is set to bring the competition levels to an all-time high, these mechs are almost impossible to fight against. Some of the players have the advantage of getting and using them in the game, but others not so much and this is what makes it look more or less like a walkover.

But others who actually seem to like the BRUTES are already using them to their advantage with several pro players discovering ways of how to make them even more powerful. This includes players like Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani who figured out a way to make the mech suits leap across the map.

Revealed by  TheFortScientist, the trick can be used by players in the mech suits to move at unbelievable speeds, which is scary for regular players who just have to run normally to get to different locations on the map. What makes this exploit even crazier is that only one player needs to be inside the mech to do, so this can be utilized in any game mode.

Easy super speed method with the Mech. Different method than Tom/Myth from FortniteCompetitive


The player who is a member of the E11 team explains that by spamming the change seat button repeatedly and hitting the jump button as well, you can fly across the map without having to exit the vehicle like other methods. He has also stated that this is the easiest way to perform the trick with this being effective for rotations whether you’re trying to escape the storm or running away from a dangerous situation.

But considering how unintended this exploit this, do not expect it to remain in the game forever. This is mainly because  Epic Games may decide to patch their popular battle royale game so players can’t take advantage of the easy-to-reproduce trick.

And as annoying as these BRUTES have been for the past few days with players all over asking or their removal, this might seem unlikely as they’ve only been here for less than a week.

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