Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Will Come With Crossplay Straight From Launch

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After much expectation and obvious speculation, Activision finally has decided to be the pushers for gaming crossplay with their new confirmation that the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will feature crossplay for all of its consoles.

The request for crossplay to be included among games especially mainstream has gone on for a while and with a game this popular paving the way, we might just see more of this with the titles that are yet to be released. But even better for Activision and Infinity Ward, the Call of Duty franchise might just get even more likeable than it already is.

Even though the game is set to fully launch to consoles and PC on October 25th, players will be lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the multiplayer suite in September, thanks to a series of beta tests that will launch in two parts. The first will be PS4-exclusive, and the second part will have crossplay between all three platforms: PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

According to Patrick Kelly, creative director and co-studio head of developer Infinity Ward, “Our goal with Modern Warfare is to bring all gamers together from day one to play together.”

Crossplay, which had not been so common with video games, has gradually been gaining approval with modern multiplayer games, with the main influence coming from the likes of Fortnite and Rocket League.  But the crossplay that players had seen kicking off three years ago was between specific systems.

Anything more than that was simply shoved off but more players began requesting for it. Fortnite then came with the fever pitch bringing the crossplay to almost all the systems except Sony. PlayStation, being the black sheep obviously gave shady reasons for the holdout with the main one being to protect its community.

But after some convincing and straight-up jabs from rivals Microsoft and Nintendo, they begrudgingly relented by offering crossplay for Fortnite players. And now that the light is getting brighter, word has it that the crossplay will distribute to players in two groups: keyboard players and controller players.

This might be reasonable enough considering PC players have a slight advantage of being better at games than console players.

This was allegedly confirmed when a member of the development team tweeted Forbes article describing “input matchmaking” and said it was accurate.

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