PUBG Mobile: A Guide To DMR Sniper Rifles


Our previous article took us through the first type of sniper rifles that you can effectively use in PUBG Mobile. And now we will take a comprehensive at the DMR (designated marksman rifles) which happens to be the other category from the bolt-action type. One may be curious to know what the main difference between these two is and it just so happens to be the firing rate. DMRs are either semi-automatic or fully auto and do not require a bolt for each round one needs to eject after firing. Much like a disadvantage to them, DMRs have less damage and range than a bolt-action rifle requiring you to be much closer to your enemy for a perfect takedown.

VSS Vintorez

VSS Vintorez

Image: CGSociety

Even though the whole PUBG Mobile community tends to classify this weapon as a DMR, it really isn’t. This is mainly because its power and range are really low compared to the weapons that will follow it on the list. One of its main pros, however, is that it automatically comes with a 4x scope as well as a suppressor.

wt lighthouse

You would expect for an automatic rifle to come with as much ammo possible but unfortunately, the VSS Vintorez holds only 10 rounds. And if that’s not enough, its firing rate is surprisingly high but considering its high firring rate, you run the risk of emptying your mag pretty fast and giving the enemy a chance to take a shot at you.

However, the suppressor is extremely efficient in masking sound so your enemy won’t be able to gauge the direction of a shot from audio alone. But you want to make sure you are as accurate as possible when taking your shots. As for the necessary attachments, the VSS only holds the extended mags which increases the number of rounds to 15 which isn’t much after all if you aren’t a sharp shooter.

You might want to be at a minimum range of 200 metres for your rifle to be as a lethal as possible.  Level 3 vest holders should not be too worried, although there will be significant damage so make sure you run after the first shot. At a distance beyond 400 metres, your 9mm rounds might become quite useless with this weapon.

2. Mini 14


Source: Art Station

The Mini 14 is one rifle made for short-range combat with its lightweight feature alongside its increased stability and low recoil. The range on the semi-automatic DMR is obviously greater than that of the VSS using 5.56 mm rounds as those used in assault rifles. So, it is safe to say that the rifle, however small, is quite lethal.

The gun naturally holds a total 20 rounds which can be extended to 30 with an external mag. Just so you know, the Mini 14 among all DMR holds the highest mag capacity, placing shoulder to shoulder with many assault rifles. Moreover, all assault rifle attachments can be equipped to this gun including compensators, suppressors, scopes (till 8X), grips and extended mags. You can also use cheek pads to recoil the rifle.

A level 2 helmet at a range of about 90 metres can be destroyed pretty effectively by the rifle with the damage dropping gradually beyond this distance. At 400 metres the chances will most be close to nil but due to its high firing rate, you could actually try your shot by being as accurate as possible.



With its high muzzle velocity, lethal 7.62mm rounds and low range, combat at a distance of 150metres becomes an easy affair. However much the muzzle velocity may be lower than the Mini 14’s, two shots at a level 3 helmet 50 metres away will pretty much do the job. Less than that and the enemy can say goodbye to their head.

Apart from the extended mags that add up an extra 10 to the already existing 10 rounds, every attachment on the Mini 14 can make its way to the SKS. The high recoil might be an issue you have to deal with but it’s all understandable considering the high power the gun packs. If you are skilful enough you can take down an opponent who isn’t in a level 3 vest 300 metres away but beyond that, you will be dropping too many bullets.



The semi-automatic SLR rifle might very well be the second most lethal weapon for long-range combat in this list in the hands of a skilled player. The amped-up version of the SKS uses the same rounds, attachments and magazine capacity but with a higher range and damage.

Its a heavier DMR with a slower reload speed than the SKS but all this is watered down by its increased stability. Two good headshots at a 150-metre range will immediately knock out players wearing level 2 helmets. 400 metres away will reduce damage but even despite that, this rifle happens to be one of the rarest DMRs in PUBG Mobile, so expect some hustle if you want to use it.



Describing this very rare DMR as a beast might just be an understatement.  This weapon that can only be obtained via a drop might very well be the most lethal gun in the entire PUBG Mobile for two particular reasons; it has a fully automatic shooting mode, and it comes with its own bipod. This gives it full effect even at close quarters.

Speaking of being lethal, a player firing three body shots at an opponent even in a level 3 vest will immediately take them out. Chambered in 7.62 mm, just like the SKS and SLR, the gun holds 10 in the magazine and up to 20 with an extension.

Due to its high muzzle velocity, however, the rifle’s recoil is quite strong and therefore needs a play with good recoil mastery for full damage at close combat. The Mk14, like all other DMRs, starts loosing power drastically at 400 meters. A level 3 vest will protect you from 4-5 shots but a good marksman can down you out in less with shots to your helmet. To counter the recoil, you can go prone, where the bipod on the Mk14 comes into play. At that position, you will be dangerous even at a distance but the giveaway is that you will be required to have very little movement.

More to that, all attachments of the SKS and SLR can be equipped to this weapon.

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