PUBG Mobile: A Guide To Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles


Beyond the vast maps and the almost realistic sceneries that a player gets to have an experience of in PUBG Mobile, one of the best adrenaline pumps may be getting an opportunity to make a clean headshot at an opponent. I mean, if you haven’t done this yet, then you have not lived.

Taking a headshot is quick, effective and can easily and instantly turn a game on its head all to your favour. I may however not know what it is like in real life, but the farther the enemy is from you, the harder it gets to be absolutely accurate and therefore the harder it is to take them down. But as much as many players hesitate from using sniper rifles, they really are accurate and when it comes to long-range engagements, you couldn’t ask for a better companion.

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However, the rifles are best as secondary weapons as they require only a few bullets in your bag and offer assistance in inflicting more damage to the enemy. PUBG Mobile has then made few of these rifles available for players in any mode and if you are too much into guns, you will notice they are categorised into two: bolt-action and DMR.

Bolt-action rifles are the “extreme” sniper rifles that used to knock out or kill enemies in a single shot. The damage they cause is nevertheless, determined by the level of armour the enemy is wearing, the power of the gun, the distance from the enemy.

On the other hand, a DMR is torn between assault rifles and sniper rifles that can be used to fire shots at quick succession and at a fairly bigger range than the former. What you do sacrifice though with these is power and the damage level of a single shot.

Bolt-action Sniper Rifles

For now, let’s take a look at this single-round, powerful sniper rifles but keep an eye out for more categories in upcoming articles.

Arctic Warfare Magnum: AWM



Anyone who has used the AWM in PUBG will outrightly tell you that this is as of now, the most powerful weapon in the game and yes, this includes the competition from explosives and shotguns. If you end up as the last member of your team, make sure you avoid getting a headshot from this gun because it will straight up knock you down. Its power cannot even be withstood by a player wearing a level 3 Spetsnaz helmet, which is the best helmet there is.

One downer is that this gun can only be found in airdrops, therefore, making it a very rare weapon to find as well as the weapons that it uses. the reload time on this rifle is also the highest in the category making a player using more vulnerable to attack from an opponent you just pissed off.



Luckily though, Compensator, Flash hider and extended mags attachments can be mounted on the weapon in a bid to increase aspects like accuracy and loading time. Moreover, cheek pads can also be attached to the AWM to reduce vertical recoil while shooting.

if you wonder what we mean by it being powerful, two body shots from this weapon at a close enough range should be enough to take down an opponent who is even wearing a level 3 armour but it all depends where you place your shots as you may find damage at the legs and arms to not be so effective compared to shots at the torso.

The good power and range make the Magnum the only weapon that can kill an enemy at a maximum range of 500 metres with a single headshot, so if you are looking to win in long-range combat, this is your best choice. Bullet drop is minimal but moving farther than 600 metres gets to drop the level of damage.



Making this weapon being more available compared to the AWM does not exactly mean that it disappoints on power and range but the M24 is obviously second in rank to the first and can take out enemies with a single shot at a range of 120m if they are in a level 2 armour.

The gun’s power level is slightly downgraded as we found body shots with it to not be as effective. Two totally accurate body shots can, however, be used to take down an enemy at the torso but it still heavily depends on how far they are from you and how much armour they are in.


But similar to the AWM, the M24 packs its ammo (7.62mm) in 300-round magazines which makes it easier and faster to reload and it just so happens that 7.62 mm bullets are in plenty supply all over the maps. Surprisingly, you should expect fairly good manoeuvrability and less recoil than even the AWM. This is alongside the fact that all attachments compatible with the AWM can also be used with this weapon.

But you will have to make sure you are at a maximum distance of 120 m from your opponent to cause a lot of damage, otherwise, you will quite literally be shooting blanks.

Kar98: Karabiner 98 Kurz


The Kar98 is quite frankly the bolt-action sniper rifle that you will most easily find in the game, which is a good thing, to a certain degree. The gun executes its maximum damage at a range less than 100 metres, a distance that will also see you take down enemies wearing level 2 helmet if you are that good with headshots. Any distance more than this makes the weapon’s effective damage fade away.

Knocking someone out will also require to accurately take three body shots, which is a disadvantage considering by the time you are out at your third shot, the enemy will have crawled back to safety and taken a first aid kit. Being the lightest weapon in the category though, be sure to expect more accuracy and less vertical spread at a range of around 100 metres.

Kar98 SC

Any range beyond that will cause a whole lot of bullet loss so be sure to have enough ammo for that. The variety of attachments with the weapon is also limited to a suppressor, scopes of any type any a cheek pad, but all this is compensated by the fact that it uses the ever-present 7.62 mm bullets that you have to manually load. The reload speed can, however, be made much better when bullet loops are attached to the rifle.

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