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Two Guys Hack Into A Tesla Model 3 and Walk Away With The Car


Whoever said that being a hacker is an illegal career choice that only gets you jail term eventually and no money, should be referred to the milestone that these two guys just made in a hacking competition. If you wonder what we mean, they just earned $375,000 and the Tesla Model 3 that they were tasked to hack into.

Amat Cama and Richard Zhu chose to compete in Pwn2own, a global event organized by elite white hackers to showcase the vulnerabilities in popular electronics, gadgets and services.

At the event, the duo managed to hack into a Tesla Model 3 car through its web browser and walked away with the most honours, too.

Through its web-enabled infotainment system, the guys were able to successfully take over the Tesla Model 3 in a time-limited competition and as if that wasn’t hard enough, they also hacked into Safari browser in just four minutes.

And yes, this may be all wonderful for them as they’ve earned a fortune but with the rise of electric cars that will obviously be a common thing in the future across the globe, we can’t help but question how secure their systems will be. Otherwise, a vice, like car theft, will soon become a really easy task.

More to that, you would also fear for users of Apple’s Safari browser. Apart from the fact that it was hacked in under four minutes, that’s as impressive as it is scary. Or maybe we are just reading too much into it and nothing serious will happen. Maybe!

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