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Twitter Announces New ‘Hide Replies’ Feature


Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram that may happen to be among the most popular were created with a goal to give the people a voice and share moments and opinions with the world.

Twitter just so happens to be a really easily accessible network but it turns out that the general agenda of free and harmless interaction was not well understood by individuals who have set their reputation of being “keyboard bullies” and end up tweeting anything they want in response to other people’s posts without giving any second thought about how hurtful their words might be.

The situation that many other platforms have chosen to not place as a dire concern has been seemingly getting worse over time and if you don’t believe it make your way to the trending topics right now and have a look at the conversations right now.

Jack Dorsey had however aired his opinions and said that the current situation was one he deeply regretted and Twitter had promised to combat the issue head-on with random reports of some changes being tested on the platform. Well, you will be pleased that the company has now announced a new ‘Hide Replies’ feature that users can use to control the visibility of their tweets to the public.

This is an effort to silence or at least tone down the trolls and users who simply live to insult others.  The feature that is already available for some users can be activated by clicking on the drop-down symbol located at the top left of the tweet. You then click on it and select ‘Hide Replies’ option and you are good to go. It is, however, important to know that the feature does not delete the tweet, it just cloaks it from the public eye.

One other issue that may have been a topic of complaint form many users is the lack of users’ ability to edit their tweet. Maybe the platform might want to look at that.

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