Game Of Thrones: Beyond The Wall Might Finally Be The One For Mobile Gamers.


I know you most probably do not like speaking about HBO’s hit series, Game Of Thrones ever gain after the disappointment that almost, if not everyone, went through at the last season but we’re here to talk about its gaming adaptations.

We have seen developers try their shots creating various game adaptations over the years as the story still went on on our screens and honestly, none of them has been the ultimate strategy RPGĀ  (Role Playing Game) enough to give an excitement that is remotely close to what the series gave us.

But the upcoming Game of Thrones: Beyond The Wall has promises of being one of if not the best yet.

The RPG will see you collect and upgrade some of the show’s most beloved characters including Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

In partnership with HBO, GAEA Mobile will be giving us the game from the convenience of our smartphones alongside Behaviour Interactive in charge of the development duty. With the two creators having an arsenal of trailblazing titles under its belt including Assassin’s Creed Rebellion and Dead By Daylight, it will be interesting to see what the pair does with the Game of Thrones licence.

The game’s story is set several decades before the show’s events, after the disappearance of Lord Commander Brynden Rivers, who is the Three-Eyed Raven (for those who haven’t read the books). Your playing character then communes with some sort of magical tree and then accessing magic giving you the abilities to travel back in time to collect different classes of the show’s various iconic characters.

Early on in Beyond the Wall, you’ll be tasked with commanding one of the Night Watch’s castles along the wall. It’s certainly no easy task, and soon you’ll be fighting back both wildlings and undead hordes that swarm down from the north.

Over time, you can bolster your defences and recruit troops from all over Westeros, all while duking it out with enemies in tricky tactics-style combat.

All in all, it will certainly be super interesting to see what kind of gameplay is brought about with the strategy RPG once it’s released on Android and iOS.

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