Android Messages Tests Instagram and Snapchat-Like AR Effects

Android Messages

It finally seems that Google wants to join the league that is dominated by Instagram and Snapchat in as far as the integration of AR effects is concerned, as the company is reported to be testing new features on Android Messages.

These new features that Google has been reported to be testing with its official SMS app, Messages, are among the many that have been found to be tested including the message reminders and verified business features that were tested a few weeks ago.

The new feature that can be found inside the Messages’ camera right next to the photos and video buttons, is an effort to improve the experience of Android users with their basic messaging app and may not be the last upgrade we see from Google.

According to XDA Developers, one of their recognised developers was able to activate the new feature that includes 5 different camera effects that they were able to test in the app.

The features include plane which shows the face of the user peeping out of the window of an animated aeroplane that flies away, the balloon effect that shows balloons behind and in front of the user with good accuracy and separation. Next is the fireworks, which as the name suggests, shows fireworks in changing colours followed by the confetti effect and of course the angel filter that adds a halo on the user’s head and a pair of wings behind the body.

These will then be available to use to send pictures that will be taken from the Messages app and not from the regular camera app, in the form of SMS, MMS or RCS all depending on what your device supports.

With Google’s obvious intentions of trying to make Messages as much of a competitor to Apple’s iMessage, the new features, along with RCS, might really have a shot of attracting more users to the app, which is a critical step in getting the global iMessage-like experience.

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