Safaricom Introduces Way To Call Someone Without Being Charged

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It all started with the much-needed skill of flashing – calling someone and hanging up right before they picked up your call.

Then it graduated to the “Please call me” messages that would alert the other person that you did not have airtime credit to place a call with them and thus were politely asking them to call you.

Now, Safaricom has gone ahead and introduced a new way to place a call even if you don’t have airtime credit. The method, known as reverse calling, allows you to place a call to someone and the person on the other end gets billed for the call.

How to Make a Reverse Call

Placing a reverse call is as easy as adding before the number you want to call. For instance, if you want to call 0712 345 678, you will simply dial #0712345768.

Once you place the call, the phone will ring as usual and when the recipient picks up the call, they will be greeted with a prompt, alerting them that they will be charged for the call, “You have received a reverse call request…” starts the voice prompt.

The charges remain standard and the service is only applicable to Safaricom – Safaricom calls. If the recipient accepts the charges, the call shall be connected as usual, however, if they reject the charges, the call will be disconnected and you (the caller) will receive an SMS alerting you that your reverse call was unsuccessful and then asks you to top up or okoa jahazi.

From our tests, the reverse call will only connect if the recipient has airtime, if they don’t, the call will simply be disconnected when you try to place it.

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