E3 2019: Ubisoft Came To Play!

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Yesterday’s bit of the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019 (E3) was highly anticipated considering the announcement and gameplay trailers that they had already released for “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint” setting a frenzy all over social media. But we also have to get to the other gem that they kind of kept close to their chest but has also proven to be an important product to watch out for:

Watch Dogs: Legion

If you have been into Ubisoft’s open-world thrillers, then perhaps you have at least heard of the two previous Watch Dogs games that will most likely be crowned with the brand’s new sequel that promises to bring a whole lot more adventure into the GTA-styled futuristic title. With the last game set into a fictional version of future Chicago that has run into chaos and with criminals literally running the day-to-day activities of the city, gamers will now be set into a futuristic version of London starting March 6th 2020.

The new title was presented by Ubisoft’s Clint Hocking, the game’s creative director who had made his name with previous games like Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell. The timeline is set years after the notorious Brexit with the city’s and Britain’s future already crumbled. This came out as a clear inspiration for the game’s storyline, despite Ubisoft emphasis that their games are not political.

London is wrecked and everything about it seems gloomy and generally terrible. The normal state of affairs is a thing of the past and criminals run the streets everywhere. Armed robot drones have been deployed to fly all over the city to try and preserve law and order.

As Clint Hocking himself describes the timeline as a time of massive social change, unemployment is pandemic and almost everyone has resulted in crime due to computerisation and automation. This has also resulted in a fall of the economy with cryptocurrency being a direct replacement to the fallen pound.

All this may have happened together with the rise of a super spy network known as DedSec. The unidentified hacker group labelling themselves as the resistance includes your call sign, multiple playable characters giving players different experiences with the various characters that each have unique properties and tasks that might be interlinked at some point.

The ability to scan the non-playable characters that were in previous games is still on this but above that, you will be able to use that information to recruit them into DedSec. Of course, you should expect a lot of hostility and curse words in the general language which is something that I think will make the general gameplay a bit realistic. After all, it is London.

However, the recruitment will involve your character making empathetic actions for them like helping them out of trouble. The enlistment into the group will also require you to assign them a class out of combat, stealth and hacking options. Them now being part of your team will mean that you can change to control them at any point in time.

From the presentation though Hocking did seem to emphasis on the fact that every character whether playable or not has a unique backstory and look, giving you different gameplay feel every time you swap. The trailer and general reveal have also shown to insist a lot on stealth that will help you creep up on guards or bad guys to get into various checkpoints. You will, however, have to be extra careful with your characters because if they die, they are gone for good (what the creators call ‘permadeath’).

Overall, it will be a roller coaster to see what is planned with the game once it hits shelves.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Yes, we saw the great Jon Bernthal come and give his piece on his role, Cole D. Walker and the trailers one more time but what has changed or been added to what we already know about the game? Yesterday’s presentation seemed to show the beginning story so players may get a glimpse of what they will be dealing with come October 4th.

With the reputation of Ubisoft rarely making a mess with the Ghost Recon series, they seem to have gone a notch higher by intensifying the gameplay for your character, Nomad insisting that Ghosts are now the prey. This was shown in the presentation with a clip of Nomad crashing from a blown up helicopter just before he gets to the archipelago, Auroa.

This then brings you to the task of making to the intended destination with the enemy roaming around everywhere in the island.

However beautiful the different sceneries have been created to be from the volcanic points, the flowery and grassy plains, the green deep jungle and the snowy mountains, one thing that has been emphasised is that the enemy, an elite group of Special Ops soldiers gone rogue will be expecting you. This will bring a different taste from their preceding titles where you usually raid and rain destruction at the enemy’s territories.

Moreover, the presentation insisted on the game’s graphics updates and changes made to make the player’s experience more realistic. This includes the Ghost’s abilities to masquerade in plain sight, the serious injuries that they can incur, the increased task of killing your enemies and the range of military-based weapons.

The game will also feature solo player campaign and a multiplayer mode of up to 4 players and get this, your player customisation will be consistent throughout the modes and the whole game in general. It might be full of shooting and explosion action sequences but it also will be vital to watch out for what the story offers from start to finish.

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