Ghost Recon Breakpoint To Be Released on October 4th

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

It may have already been leaked before the official release, but it still doesn’t take down the excitement that a new Ghost Recon game is on the way this year. The game titled “Ghost Recon Breakpoint was officially revealed by Ubisoft, a brand new entry to the Ghost Recon series at a world premiere live stream with its official trailer available now on YouTube.

The new open-world shooter will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 4th and for those who are familiar with the franchise, yes, it will bring some significant changes to the tactical shooter world as we know it.

While its predecessor, Ghost recon wildlands, that was released in 2017, takes place in Bolivia, Breakpoint is set Auroa, a fictional representation of New Zealand. Auroa is set up as a headquarter location to an AI drone tech corporation and facility known as Skell Technology. Communication with the company instantly ceases and you are then sent to the extensive group of islands to investigate.

Your character, however, arrives to find himself as the hunted and not the hunter. The missions and general gameplay seem to set some clear political statements, even though Ubisoft continues to insist that they are not making any.

Your character gets to encounter a paramilitary group calling themselves the Wolves whom, according to Ubisoft, are as skilled as the Ghosts, your sidekick group. The name also does suggest the dependence on stealth that your character must have which is highly emphasized by the game as well. You will be able to deploy drones and hide bodies that you kill and if this sounds familiar, it’s because you have seen this with Hitman. The stealth also depends on you avoiding detection by crouching in foliage and covering yourself in mud. Being a military based adventure and thriller, the game also contains survival elements such as treating any wounds inflicted and maintaining your weapons.

This which I think might be a marketing gem for Ubisoft, the Wolves group is led by a character called Cole D. Walker, who was introduced as a former Ghost in Wildlands’ latest updates and happens to be played by The Punisher’s Jon Bernthal. This then actually means that Breakpoint serves as a sequel to Wildlands.

Different from Wildlands, Breakpoint is said to have benefits, abilities and weapons that will be determined by the diverse character classes. According to Ubisoft, they will start off with four of those classes with others being added on in later months after launch. Other than the general storyline and gameplay that seems to offer interesting features, Ubisoft did promise an awesome level of quality as far as graphics are concerned which is showcased with the official trailer linked above.

Nevertheless, the question of whether this game will be a genuine answer to the poor portrayal of war by previous games will be answered at launch.

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