Future Samsung Smartphones To Feature AMD Radeon Graphics

Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10

AMD Radeon Graphics cards are a common feature on a good number of high-performance PCs and laptops and even gaming consoles such as PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Actually, even Google’s cloud-gaming platform, Stadia will be powered by AMD Radeon technology.

Samsung has announced that it has acquired a license from AMD that will see the South Korean tech giant utilise RDNA graphics architecture on its smartphones, henceforth.

Until now, Samsung has been using ARM-designed Mali GPUs on their Exynos smartphones, while those that run on Snapdragon processors have been utilising Adreno GPUs. This new deal with AMD will see Samsung integrate Radeon RDNA GPUs into their Exynos processors.

This will make Samsung the first company to use AMD GPUs on their mobile processors as a majority of the Smartphone world uses Adreno GPUs or Mali GPUs, including those that make their own chips like Huawei.

At this point in time, there’s no measure of whether the AMD RDNA chips will be significantly better than Mali and Adreno GPUs when it comes to performance but on paper and based on the track record that AMD has with high-performance computers, Samsung might have snagged a good deal for themselves.

The deal is just as good for AMD as it gives the company a new revenue source since a number of OEMs might follow in the footsteps of Samsung (talking about Huawei and possibly Xiaomi). When we will see Samsung devices start utilising AMD GPUs is an unknown factor, but maybe, just maybe, the Galaxy Note10 might debut this new chapter.

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