Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rumoured To Lack Physical Buttons and Headphone Jack

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Image Courtesy CNET

That headline probably scared you, especially if you are a Samsung Galaxy Note fan and I know quite a few. The latest rumour off the mill suggests that the next Note device will be one slab of block with no headphone jack and surprisingly no physical buttons.

This is a rumour we’ve had before but even then, it seemed like Apple would be first to pull such a crazy stunt and not Samsung, a company that has held on to the headphone jack for the longest. But I am not surprised by the headphone jack hiatus, even OnePlus pulled a plug on the port after throwing shade last year.

Galaxy-Note-10 render

However, what has left many in doubt is the supposed lack of physical buttons on the Note 10. On paper, this sounds cool, like something out of the matrix but practically, it could spell a whole lot of confusion for users. Android Police reports that Samsung might replace the device’s physical buttons (power button, volume keys and bixby button) with either capacitive buttons or pressure sensitive areas where the actual buttons would be denoted by a slight bump or rough texture to help locate the “buttons”.

That is actually the problem with getting rid of physical buttons. Right now you can easily locate the volume keys or the power button without the need of looking at your phone, however, getting rid of these distinguishable parts of the phone will probably lead to a lot of fiddling before people get used to it.

Like with every rumour, all this might turn out to be false but the scale seems to be tipping towards it actually being true. Seeing that Samsung typically announces the Note series towards the end of August, we won’t have to wait for too long before finding out what the Note 10 brings to the table.

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