Google’s Purge Sees Reduction in Apps That Require SMS and Call Log Access

Image Courtesy Android Authority

Google’s commitment to privacy and effort to return normalcy in terms of user safety in the system has been through one of its main goals; to reduce permission to applications. The results of restrictions to such apps were announced at the Google I/O 2019 conference where the Mountain View giant reported that the number of apps that use SMS and call permissions has fallen by 98%.

It was explained that this has been made possible by advanced documentation and also helping developers switch to other APIs. This means that Google Play Store is now becoming restrictive of apps that ask for authorization of access to your SMS and call logs.  This may partly be in response to a research done by Avast portal, well-known for its anti-virus, that revealed a boatload of applications on the Play Store were infected by malicious software that had tens of millions of downloads.

It is safe to note that as the new Android system, Q starts rolling out to devices, the company did release information about the Android system since its birth. One of those keynotes was that Android runs on 2.5 billion devices worldwide as told by Stephanie Cuthbertson, Android’s senior director. Despite this great milestone by Google, you should realize that that number could be slightly lower than the real statistic out there. This is because that figure is based on Google Play Store’s statistics and there are Android devices that do not run Google Play Store such as China’s Android devices. So, it would have been interesting to hear what measures are being planned to make those as secure as the integrated ones.

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