Swvl- Breaking The Matatu Mould, Surviving 2020 and New Carpool Service

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  1. A50 that I came across came with the 128GB ROM (onboard storage, with roughly 112GB of this available, and no hybrid slot for second SIM), couple that with the 4000mAh battery, on-screen fingerprint scanner, and the wider angle camera, it trounces P30lite roho safi. Ama namna gani my fren?

    1. ukweli.. the galaxy a50 experience is far much better..
      there are geeks criticing the a50’s fingerprint.. i wonder and mine is performing perfectly

    2. It does but the price is higher than 30k, which is our benchmark.

  2. The A50 ROM is 128GB

    1. Not the one that costs 30k.

  3. Point of correction, A50 has a 128GB variant, get ur facts right.

    1. Keep in mind that we are comparing the models which cost 30k. The 128GB model of the A50 costs higher than that and thus does not fit into this comparison review.

      1. Salutations. I’m an employee at Samsung. The higher end 128 gb version with 6Gb of RAM got released @less than 30k and the 64 Gb ROM version @ 25k. Pricing depends on your vendor which I’m hoping you’re going to change…Soon.

  4. Just checked, and non of dem is below 100k

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